Golf Digest Awarded 2018

Top 50 Golf Fitness Provider

Cory Puyear, P.T.

Performance Using Restorative Exercise



Mark Wilson

The 2011 Sony Open Champion 


2011 Waste Management Phoenix Open Champion!!


2012 Humana Challenge Champion!!

Are you playing Golf to your potential?

Chances are, you aren't....golfers of all levels have fleeting levels of success and inconsistent performance due to:

  • Lack of Instruction in Swing Mechanics
  • Inability to Physically Perform Desired Body Mechanics
  • Difficulty with Motor Learning and Coordinating Movement Patterns
  • Poorly Fit Equipment
  • Injuries
  • Poor Mental approach

At P.U.R.E. Golf, we work with your golf instructor to physically restore your ability to move more efficiently for your golf swing!!!

Strength/Conditioning consultant to Northwestern Men's and Women's Golf Teams.

Mark Wilson Trains with K-VEST

Mark Wilson, 5 time PGA Tour Winner, discusses how he uses the K-VEST with coach Cory Puyear in his fitness programs.